Get back on track with your money 

Access expert counselling to help you reduce debt and create a budget. When it comes to your finances, you’re never alone. Get confidential support from experts embedded in the military community, so you can stop worrying about money.

Available to serving CAF members and their families.

Forge a new money plan

Let us serve you. Our salaried professionals can help you resolve stressful situations. Create a new plan to balance your income and debts, work out repayment options and develop a budget that works for you and your family.
Plus, learn how to start saving to forge financial security for the future.

Step into financial security
  • Get free, confidential counselling to assess your current finances
  • Counsellors act as agents to your creditors, and offer you follow-up support for six months
  • Discover tools and tips to create manageable household budgets and build debt management strategies
  • Access loans and grants from the Support Our Troops Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Financial Counselling in the CAF?
    Financial Counselling provides serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and their families with assistance to help resolve serious financial problems, while providing them with tools, techniques and knowledge to maintain sound personal money management practices.
  • Can my spouse receive counselling too?
    Yes, although dealing with both member and spouse is encouraged to ensure that the entire family situation is assessed.
  • Does my Unit CO need to know?
    All information obtained through the financial counselling process is strictly confidential and can only be released with the applicant's express written consent or by a Court Order. However, if in a situation where a CAF member is officially referred by the Unit CO, a follow-up report will be prepared and submitted outlining the members’ involvement with the financial counsellor without providing any details of the financial situation (unless authorized by the member). In the event the member has sought financial counselling services voluntarily, the CO will only be advised when, in the judgment of the financial counsellor, the financial situation is of such a nature that it may present a risk to the member, his/her family or to the operational effectiveness of the CAF.
  • What is the Financial Counselling Process?
    The applicant will provide to the financial counsellor certain financial information and documentation. After a detailed analysis of the information, the counsellor will provide the applicant with various options to resolve the situation being presented. Once the applicant has instructed the financial counsellor on which plan of action to pursue, the counsellor will assist the applicant with its implementation.
  • My monthly bills are more than my monthly income. How can you help?
    After assessing the situation, we will provide you with various plans or options, which may include remedial or preventive counselling, loans or grants through the Support Our Troops Fund, a recommendation to third party professionals for assistance with Debt Consolidation, Orderly Payment of Debts, Consumer Proposal or an Assignment in Bankruptcy.
  • Are there loans or grants available to help me?
    Through the Support Our Troops Fund​, Distress Loan Program, upon meeting certain criteria, you may qualify for a once in a lifetime distress grant, to a maximum of $5,000 and/or low interest distress loan to a maximum of $25,000. Loans are also available to a maximum of $8,000 through the Small Preventative Loan Program. In order to access any of these Support Our Troops Fund programs, or other benevolent partners, you must contact your local financial counsellor or Support Our Troops Fund designate.
  • What happens to my credit rating if I file for bankruptcy?
    The details of a first bankruptcy will remain on your Credit Bureau Report for 6 years after your Discharge has been granted. During that period, it could be difficult to obtain credit. Our financial counsellors may be able to assist you in avoiding this "last resort" and all its associated repercussions. 
  • What about Credit bureau reports?
    Credit bureau reports cannot be obtained or shared by SISIP Financial on behalf of the member/applicant. The credit reports are obtained in the normal course of financial assessments and are the property of SISIP Financial.